Association Analysis

Discover and leverage the most relevant hidden relations in large-scale datasets.

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Strong Focus on Data Reality

Detects unseen real-world relations between articles of publishers, products of retailers, data records of a health-care service and more.
Extends techniques solely based on content and product similarity and produces valuable contributions to existing datasets and their combinations.
Leads to better audience understanding, supports cross-selling, content & product placement, recommendations, targeting, makes data management smarter and much more.
Endless Use Cases

Which articles

  • are often read together by my audience?
  • have a preferred layout on mobile devices?

Which topics should be

  • placed together on a front-page?
  • published to keep the reader's attraction?

Which products

  • are often purchased together?
  • have to be placed on one catalog page?

Which products should be

  • discounted to push sales of other products?
  • not be discounted simultaneously?

Which products have to be

  • promoted to increase sale of other products?
  • recommended on a certain product page or shopping cart?

Which products have to be offered

  • as a purchase bonus to increase customer relationship?
  • to which customers in the next campaign?
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